Monday, December 03, 2012

Kershaw Blur S30V

Yes, I got another new toy in the mail last week for a review, thank you very much, Two Point Enterprises.

This is the Kershaw Stone Washed Blur, model 1670S30V. It sports the Kershaw SpeedSafe assisted opening, a 3 1/2" blade and an OAL of 7 3/4".


The knife is ergonomic and fits in my hand really well being only about 3/8 of an inch thick. One thing that tickles me for some reason is the contoured thumb studs which looking at it seems to be only cosmetic but it actually makes a difference when you use it. The SpeedSafe opening takes a good nudge to initiate it, but that's a good thing - you don't want this fucker popping open in your pocket if you value your balls.

It does utilize a liner lock and the handles are aluminum with Trac-Tec (feels like rubber to me) inserts for better grip when the knife is wet or bloody. The blade is made from powdered stainless steel which has a finer grain and is able to take and hold a sharper edge longer. It also has a pocket clip that is reversible for either tip up or tip down carry, whichever you prefer.
A personal note: I was not a fan of pocket clips until I started buying these knives but my mind has been changed. My biggest complaint was that the knife wouldn't feel natural in my hand with that fucking clip sticking out from the side, but with the SOG and Kershaw knives I've handled, the pocket clip is unobtrusive. The advantages to the clip far outweigh any perceived disadvantages - it keeps the knife right where you can find it and it doesn't allow the knife to take up your whole damned pocket to the point that you can't put anything else in there.

Okay, that's all the technical stuff. Now for my personal opinion.....
It's an excellent knife. When I got it out of the box, I was amazed at how sharp it was - I honestly can't recall ever having a knife so sharp. Yes, you can shave with it and I'm talking about your beard, not the fine hair on your arms. It was and still is that fucking sharp.

The liner lock is firm and repeats to the same position every time I open it which is pretty damned important to me seeing as only about half my fingers work the way they're supposed to anymore. I can't afford to fuck up any more digits or I'm going to have to have Lisa cut my food for me.
One thing that I always check on a folding knife is the side to side and front to back blade play right at the pivot point. Good ones have none, cheap ones are sloppy. This one has absolutely no discernible play at all.

Okay, it's got a good grip, the blade is wide enough for heavier jobs, the blade locks up tight and it's razor sharp. So what did I find wrong with it? Not much of anything. I did notice that upon releasing the liner lock and closing the knife the first few times I got a slight shhhh sound as I folded the blade down. That's all I could find wrong with it and believe me, I looked. Even the little torx screws that are used in the knife are tight and not buggered up.

When I offered to do these reviews, I let Dennis know that I wasn't going to be fucking around, that it wouldn't be fair to my readers to give a good review for a bad knife. I also told him that I wouldn't review just knives that he sent me, that I'd also be reviewing knives that I bought from him so there wouldn't be any cherry-picking going on. There was no hesitation on his part. He even did me one better - the knives he's sent me are in unopened sealed boxes. They're straight off the fucking shelf, man.

Okay, the retail on this knife at your local cop supply store or sporting goods shop is $140. You can buy the same knife HERE for 75 bucks.
Shop at Two Point Enterprises and not only will you get a quality knife at very reasonable prices but you'll be supporting a small family owned business.

Oh, one more thing: While you're buying knives for yourselves, go check out Dennis's daughters' site, Ease your wife's anger at your new goodies by buying her and your daughters and granddaughters some beautiful hair bows.
We had a decent discussion the other night about the value of his kids participating in the family business and he told me they were learning their lessons well and sent me that link. Outstanding! His kids are being raised to work for their money and not expect any handouts. Let's help her out on those lessons, yeah?

Oh yeah - the ammo in the pictures is Hornady's Superformance in 22-250, a 55 grain bullet hauling ass at 4000 fps. I love that shit.



07HEMI4ME said...

I currently carry Two knives with me throughout my day, both Kershaw. They have never let me down.

wirecutter said...

I'd always been a Buck 110 man, but lately it's been a SOG Pentagon Elite for self defense and a little Kershaw OSO Sweet for everyday stuff. I may replace the OSO Sweet with the Blur, though - only because it's purty.

Anonymous said...

I love my Blur! I owned one, lost it, and bought another!


Anonymous said...

I have carried my Blur daily since I got it for Christmas in 2007, other than a couple of broken springs that Kershaw sent replacements for, I can't think of a better knife.

Lance R. Peak said...

The Kershaw Tanto bladed Blur may be found at Walmart for $50-65 depending on your location. I've carried them for years.

wirecutter said...

I wouldn't buy anything from Walmart.

Anonymous said...

I gave mine to my son when I got a Zero Tolerance 0350 and he loves it as much as I did....

unclescott said...

great knife...I love the Blur!BTW: WC, your finger prints are now available to the homeland turkey cooking experts from the excellent pics you just shared with the world...I don't care if they have that on me either, but it is now possible to get them from any good picture of the palm or finger tips...the gov.t is doing their recon too...bastards!

wirecutter said...

Aw, they've got my fingerprints anyways from my Army days and a couple of minor incidents after I got out.
I ain't tripping on it.