Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mission impossible? Damn near anymore.

Buying an AR15 12-22-12

(Obama now has sold more weapons than any one man on earth)

I went on a mission yesterday to see if I could score a AR-15 (The media often mistakenly refers to these semi-automatics as Assault Weapons). Because there is a media frenzy to ban AR-15's and the politicians jumping on the gun control bang wagon, there is a near panic buying of ar-15's, AK-47's, Glock pistols and high capacity magazines. (The difference between a magazine and a clip is that a magazine has a spring.)

Friday 8:00 am: I stop at Cabelas in Hamburg, Pa. It opened at 8:00am and I arrive at 8:02 and there are already 30 customers at the gun counter.I pull a number and start to wait my turn. I have number 88 and they are waiting on number 47. Being impatient, I side up to a customer being waited on to see if any AR-15's were available. I find out that they have no .223 cal AR-15's and that they have only one AK-47 for sale and the customer that I was standing next to bought that one. I also find out that they are unable to receive anymore in the near future. I find a old gent (older than me) and I give him my number which moves him up in line about 25 people. He is very appreciative and wishes me a very Merry Christmas and I head out the door.

10:00 am: I stop at my local gun shop in Bowmansville. It is empty of customers and the shelves and racks were also a bit empty. I ask if they had any AR's and the owner just laughed. The salesman standing there explained to me that they are sold out of AR's, Ak's, ammo and magazines. The only thing he had left is a used Glock and a sling for a AR. They told me that people came in and didn't what to know price, just availability. Most of them bought a package of an AR, a Glock and ammo. They also said that the manufacturers aren't even answering their phones and you can't place a order for more. They have told their suppliers to just send what ever they have. I leave empty handed.

2:00 pm: My buddy Mark calls me and he said he found a gun shop in the backwoods of Lenhartsville and that they have a Glock 19 and do I want to ride along? I said sure. Well, this little gun shop was way out in the boonies and off the beaten track. When I walk in I spot a AR. The shop owner says that it is there on consignment and that the owner has about 8 of them and decided to sell one to profit from this current frenzy, This has to be the last one in Berks county. Mark buys the Glock and I buy the AR, but they are out of AR ammo. Ammo is now my next quest.

6:30 pm: I am now home and trying to figure out a way to inform my wife that I bought a AR. I better get her a sweet Christmas gift.
- Jack