Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mission impossible? Damn near anymore.

Buying an AR15 12-22-12

(Obama now has sold more weapons than any one man on earth)

I went on a mission yesterday to see if I could score a AR-15 (The media often mistakenly refers to these semi-automatics as Assault Weapons). Because there is a media frenzy to ban AR-15's and the politicians jumping on the gun control bang wagon, there is a near panic buying of ar-15's, AK-47's, Glock pistols and high capacity magazines. (The difference between a magazine and a clip is that a magazine has a spring.)

Friday 8:00 am: I stop at Cabelas in Hamburg, Pa. It opened at 8:00am and I arrive at 8:02 and there are already 30 customers at the gun counter.I pull a number and start to wait my turn. I have number 88 and they are waiting on number 47. Being impatient, I side up to a customer being waited on to see if any AR-15's were available. I find out that they have no .223 cal AR-15's and that they have only one AK-47 for sale and the customer that I was standing next to bought that one. I also find out that they are unable to receive anymore in the near future. I find a old gent (older than me) and I give him my number which moves him up in line about 25 people. He is very appreciative and wishes me a very Merry Christmas and I head out the door.

10:00 am: I stop at my local gun shop in Bowmansville. It is empty of customers and the shelves and racks were also a bit empty. I ask if they had any AR's and the owner just laughed. The salesman standing there explained to me that they are sold out of AR's, Ak's, ammo and magazines. The only thing he had left is a used Glock and a sling for a AR. They told me that people came in and didn't what to know price, just availability. Most of them bought a package of an AR, a Glock and ammo. They also said that the manufacturers aren't even answering their phones and you can't place a order for more. They have told their suppliers to just send what ever they have. I leave empty handed.

2:00 pm: My buddy Mark calls me and he said he found a gun shop in the backwoods of Lenhartsville and that they have a Glock 19 and do I want to ride along? I said sure. Well, this little gun shop was way out in the boonies and off the beaten track. When I walk in I spot a AR. The shop owner says that it is there on consignment and that the owner has about 8 of them and decided to sell one to profit from this current frenzy, This has to be the last one in Berks county. Mark buys the Glock and I buy the AR, but they are out of AR ammo. Ammo is now my next quest.

6:30 pm: I am now home and trying to figure out a way to inform my wife that I bought a AR. I better get her a sweet Christmas gift.
- Jack


Anonymous said...

I needed a couple of replacement magazines for my [redacted] and ended up calling around. I strongly dislike crowds. I ended up calling a friend of mine several states away who will be in town for Christmas and got him to pick some up for me. Can't find them in Nashville. There is less population density inside a clown car than there is in some of the gun shows around here. It shows just how clueless the administration is if they seriously think that they are going to ban much of anything without serious consequences. If other places are as jammed as the stores around here have been and if 1% of those people plant their feet and say "hell no", then the government has a problem on its hands. It's sort of like with a bank. If you owe the bank 100K, you have a problem. If you owe it 100M, the bank has a problem. I submit that similar scaling issues may well apply to the infringers of the 2nd amendment.

The amount of pushback I've seen in the past week has given me more hope than I've seen in a while. .Gov will still be dumb and try to ban things, but the chances of it backfiring on them look better than they have in some time.

Ofay Cat said...

Why not just pick up a Mini 14 ... great little piece. Good looking too. Also .223 cal.

Anonymous said...

@Ofay Cat
I've been wondering the same thing. A female friend called me the other day for suggestions on semi-auto rifles for both defense and short range hunting. I suggested the Mini 30 for the simple reason that last I heard hunting large game in NC with a .22 caliber was illegal, and the fact that they sell 30 rd. MAGS for them and you can get all sorts of aftermarket goodies for 'em.

As for the AR-15/M4A1, I've never liked 'em. I was still shitting yellow when Viet Nam ended, but I have read quite a bit about the problems had with the M16. To be sure technology has advanced leaps and bounds since then, but from further reading and conversations I've had with AR owners, those things are just too damned finicky for me.

I'm sure I'll catch a ton of shit from the AR fans for this one, oh well. For my money, I'd rather have an AK or a Mini 30.

wirecutter said...

I own a Mini-14 and not an AR.
I was issued an M-16A1 when I was in the Army back in the late 70s and was not impressed with how fragile the damned thing was.
My Ruger may not shoot MOA groups but it'll damned sure feed every time.

angrymike said...

Last weekend there was plenty, this weekend, I went into Gander Mountain yesterday for a riser for my AR, there was two boxes of 223, one box of 40 , and a box of 20.
I grabbed the box of 20 for the heck of it. The girl said the ammo truck will be in Thursday, it was there on the day before, and everything was gone. Now what am I gonna do, after the dang boating accident, I have no ammo.......;(

Firehand said...

Went to a local shop a couple of days ago to look around:
Lines several-deep in front of all three people running NICS checks.
3 AK variants still on a rack.
NO AR variants.
NO AR mags.
Out of .223/5.56 ammo
Of more conventional-looking rifles,quite a few, but the EBR types were almost all gone. Along with mags and ammo.

Went to the reloading counter, and their Federal ammo rep was there delivering some stuff, talked to him a bit; he says they're backordered on everything from .22lr on up, for months at least.

kerrcarto said...

"Assault Weapon" with that term I could classify a fucking stick as an "Assault Weapon". I pick the stick up and assault you with it, turning it into a weapon, it is now an assault weapon.

taminator013 said...

Glad that I stocked up on many bags and boxes and sardine cans of ammo for the AR a few years back. I just checked and cheaper than dirt and all the bulk stuff is backordered already.I'm having second thoughts about selling some to a buddy who asked if I had an extra sardine can.........maybe if he lent me his cute wife for a few hours or so. Uh,I have a lot of cleaning and ironing that needs done. Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Great website you have there, too.

Spiro said...

Amazing, we don't have that problem here. All semiautos a banned here. When our prime minister at the time announced it he wore a vest. Now the greenies and other groups want to ban all guns, what next nerf guns. Oh well I can still buy some nice guns like the 1911. first my shotgun for bunnies then my handgun for comps.

michigan doug said...

check and for mags. the asking prices are way over the top.e-bay is even worse.

Wrench said...

Gun show at York , PA is reported to have traffic snarrelled. One can only imagine the chaos inside...

wirecutter said...

And I'm willing to bet that even with all those firearms and ammo inside, there won't be a single shooting.

Anonymous said...

And isn't that the most important thing? That no matter what else, your rifle feeds and fires on point every time? Grouping be damned, if your rifle won't fire or it's so off that you can't put one on the paper, you're basically holding a bludgeon.

Which is why I don't like the M16A1 variants. William Ruger, Alexander Sturm, Mikhail Kalashnikov, Edmund Heckler, Theodor Koch, Peter Paul Mauser, Lee Enfield, none of them required decades of innovation to make their ideas viable. The shit just worked, and continues to work to this day. I'd still prefer John Thompson's M1A1 to Eugene Stoner's AR15 any day.

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy, build yer own AR and AR10. Here's how.

1st. BATF regs allow non-licensees to make firearms for their own use. Don't have the reg # in front of me but you can look it up online. The deal is you can't be prohibited from owning guns and whatever you build can't be in violation of Fed or state law

2nd. These two places offer AR15 and AR10 lower receivers that are completely machined except for the FCG (fire control group...trigger/hammer/sear/springs/etc) pocket and the three cross receiver .156 holes for the hammer and sear pins, and the selector lever. THE BATF HAS EXAMINED THESE LOWERS AND ISSUED WRITTEN DETERMINATION TO THE MACHINE SHOPS THAT THE LOWERS ARE "NON GUNS". That means no FFL is required to buy them. Check out Colfax Tactical and Shadow Ops Weaponry are the two, and last, places that offer these unfinished lowers. Both places are out of stock but are taking backorders.

3rd. Verify everything I've said by visiting or sites.

4th. BATF regs re:non-licensee (meaning non-FFL licensee) built firearms don't require ANY serial number or other markings. That said, some kind of 'secret code markings' is something you might want to do for your own info.

Apologies if you already know this. Like yer blog and wanted to contribute something back.

Fuck that illegal alien muslim SOB who's a manchurian puppet installed in a bloodless coup d'tat with help from the CIA, the Klintons, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the fucking POS lame stream media.

Brock Townsend said...

Last night Gunbroker and Guns America still had stuff.