Friday, December 07, 2012

My local PD

Wirecutter, how's your relationship with the police in your town? Any problems?

Actually, the local PD in Ceres where I now live are pretty good guys. They don't pretend to be urban commandos in camo - they dress like regular policemen. I've had no interactions with them but all the folks that I've talked to about them say they're courteous and respectful.
I met the Chief of Public Safety a few years back when I was doing work with the homeless and Mr de Werk impressed me with his straight fowardness and concern. Plus he seems to have the respect of his officers.
So no, I haven't had any problems whatsoever with Ceres PD and don't anticipate any.


Dean Carder said...

You have to watch out for the nice ones. I have had many positive interactions with our local chief of PD. After one conversation I had with him, he went to the city council and orchestrated a ban on open carry in Excelsior Springs Missouri. Now I know his true colors and any further interactions wil be very guarded.

Brigid said...

My next door neighbor where I keep a small rental in town during the work week is a local cop. Small town it is, but it's sharp and hard working and he keeps an eye on my place on my days off when I'm gone.

I've been pulled over twice here, both for a issue with my truck I wasn't aware of (tail light/brake light out on an old truck). I had my concealed carry and license out on the dash, dome lights on, hands on the wheel. I have my own badge but I left it in the purse, I don't play that card. The officer could not have been nicer, pointed out the problem, as it wasn't quite light out yet and I assured them I'd get it fixed during lunch. They thanked me for having the cc out, one asked what my favorite carry was and we chatted a bit, just two people that like firearms not "cop and citizen". I'm glad these folks represent my little town.

wirecutter said...

Dean - Chief de Werk is from Montana, has antelope mounts on the walls of his office and is a straight up guy from the way he conducted our meeting years ago. I think I saw his true colors years ago.

wirecutter said...

Brigid - Wow, I'm surprised to see you here!
I had my head up my ass a few weeks ago, didn't see a stop sign until the last second and didn't come to a complete stop, and when I looked to my right there was a patrol cop there. Instead of ticketing me, he just wagged his finger and frowned at me as I went past. Lesson learned.

Corey said...

Our sheriff has been in office 34 years. Our problem is we are getting younger deputies who think they are something special.