Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oathkeepers, my ass.

Hey, as long as I'm capping on the NRA, I might as well tell you what I think about another bullshit organization: Oathkeepers.
Oathkeepers is nothing but an organization that allows the cops to feel good about themselves while they continue to violate your Civil Rights by detaining you (DUI traffic stops), taking guns off the streets (disarming citizens that carry weapons to protect themselves), warrantless searches (Do you mind if I search your vehicle as long as you have nothing to hide?) and other gestapo tactics.
If you want to keep your oath to protect and uphold the Constitution, quit your fucking job. A street cop cannot do his job without violating the Constitution. Period. If you have ever arrested somebody for CCW, detained anybody at a DUI checkpoint or insisted on searching a vehicle without a warrant, you've broken that oath. If you've ever known another cop that did those things and not done anything about it, you've broken that oath.
Damn, who else can I piss off this week?