Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wolf and deer photos

These photos were posted at Hiawatha Bar in Junction City . The hunter is 6’1”. The wolf is 165lbs. The buck was shot as he was climbing down his stand to admire the wolf. Both harvested somewhere between Marathon City & Merrill. The hunter believes this to be the alpha male as it dwarfed in size the 5 others in the pack that gave him shot opportunities.
Sent in by Wrench


If nothing else, take a look at the second photo and compare the size of the wolf to that nice sized deer. That's a BIG motherfucker, ain't it?


Anonymous said...

Pretty doggie doggie, why did you shot him?

Ah, cause I could, and because he wanted my bambi.


Yep, his head will be one my wall as soon as I cut him up for steak, roast, and burger.

Your gonna hang his head on your wall, I feel like crying for Him.

Well, if ya want I can stuff your ass and hang you across the room from him so you two can bond and all.

WHAT? You can be serious?

Hell yeah I'm serious there pudgey boy, you know how lean vinison is, I won't have to poach a cow.

Anonymous said...

"All the better to eat you with!"
That's one big dog.

Anonymous said...

Was that near Merrill Wisconsin?

Big F'n Wolf...

idahobob said...

The only good wolf is the dead motherfucker!


Devil Tongue said...

M.M., you forgot the jerky. IMHO, there is nothing better than dropping a deer while chewing on some venison jerky, been there & done that in VA.

Wrench said...

I am not sure where this hunt took place. It was something that was sent to me and felt it was my obligation to forward it to Wirecutter since he is Red Riding Hood's benevolent protector... think she is pictured a few spaces above... wow! a beauty, she is.

karma said...

you are a cunt's no wonder you won't post anonymous comments ..grow some balls mate ..I hope someone shoots you in your fucked up country

wirecutter said...

Blow it out your ass, Karma. It's bad enough we have to put up with whining motherfuckers in our own country, we don't need any shit from you and your kind. Stay there and suck on mama's titty.

wirecutter said...

Hey Karma, not only did I publish your bullshit comment but I even did a nice post on it. You can find it on today's page.

Glenn B said...

Fuck Karma (instant or otherwise).

Now to the meat of this discussion. What the heck is wrong with all of you talking about only how big the wolf looks and how tasty the deer will be when put on the table. What the heck is wrong with thinking of just how good that wolf will taste as it goes down with a nice cold one!

I have heard that dog is slightly sweeter than pork - should tatse great. If I shot that, I could not imagine myself not at least trying a meal of it and if tasty then ultimately enjoying the rest of it too.

All the best,
Glenn B