Thursday, January 03, 2013

Again, why would they even need a sign like this?

It's bad enough they throw their used shitpaper on the floor.


tucsondon said...

Or in the trash can. I will not go in the local Home Depot. The bathroom smells like the whole town took a shit on the floor in it everyday for the last year. This of course wafts out the door and makes the whole store smell like a septic shit house. All the time. Fucking animals.

Anonymous said...


Roswell said...

Damn..... why indeed? (Shaking my head in disbelief).

Ofay Cat said...

Restaurants that serve Mexican food might need this.

Sarthurk said...

I wonder what SI & No are in Farsi?
And, under Sharia law, is toilet paper legal?
Well, this Infidel is going to use it anyway!
FUK Obama! and FUK Nancy and Harry!

And why the hell did Boehner (Bonehead) get re-upped for SOTH?
Good Fukkin' grief, what a limp wristed asshole.

My commute home was a Charlie Foxtrot, as most folks don't use their turn signals to merge into the only lane as the right lane ends. I'm not a fukkin mind reader, and I have the right of way, goddammit! No offence to Charlie.


Anonymous said...

Saw a kid who did cleanup work at a local steak house quit his job and walk out recently . A group of poncho`s had gone in the men`s room and shit in the urinal`s." Fuck this shit I ain`t cleanin it up ".

RegT said...

Yeah, notice what language it is in. A friend of mine who visited the University in Mexico City, MX years ago talked about seeing students at the school just walk up to the closest wall, whip it out and urinate against the wall. Like the entitlement crowd wherever it is found, they have no respect or concern for what has been provided for them, free of cost or responsibility.

Unfortunately, it is true of all such folks - black, Hispanic, Native American, poor white, etc. Give them free housing - even expensive well-built housing, such as single family homes - and it gets trashed. It didn't cost them anything, so they don't care. I've seen it, personally, all over the country.

Anonymous said...

This is obviously part of the 0bamacare/Immigration reform initiative

Anonymous said...

It's not so much that they didn't earn or work for it that causes them to treat things with contempt. That IS true but only part of the problem. The bigger problem is, if they got it free once, they know they can shit and piss all over it and get ANOTHER free one just like it - if not even better - if they then bitch loud enough and long enough, some liberal will hook them up at your expense. That's the bigger problem with entitlement mentalities because, sadly, it's true.