Thursday, January 03, 2013

Dave's view

John Boehner reportedly told Harry Reid to "Go f*** yourself" as he met him walking to the Oval Office. Of course the liberal media jumped on this (it would have been ignored if it had been the other way around). At least the article did mention that just hours earlier Reid had personally called Boehner a "dictator" on the floor of the Senate, telling the whole country in a widely-televised speech that the Speaker cared more about protecting his job than doing what was right for the American people and that it wasn't the first time a Congressperson had sworn a fellow lawmaker. My response, as it usually is:

Boehner is perfectly justified if that is true. Reid is a hateful SOB and one of the main reasons such friction exists in Washington. The Tea Party made the huge mistake of not seeing the importance of putting a sensible candidate in place to defeat him in Nevada. As much as I dislike that arrogant liberal Obama, I often have said over the past years that hateful, disingenuous nitwits like Reid, Pelosi, Biden, Emanuel, Feinstein, and the Clintons are more despicable. Obama is, however, gaining ground on them as he continues to reveal what he stands for.