Monday, January 14, 2013

“…deaf to the voice of Justice…”

The images that are shown on a daily basis on give me pause as to what this country is about to be.  This Republic is perilously close to a society not being led towards continuing Liberty but towards the dark, frightening, cold hovel entitled Tyranny.   You may disagree but consider the concept that if someone who is in charge of our country is willing to send people to our doors to free us of our Constitutional freedom (firearms), then for what will he send those same people to our doors in the future?  After losing that Second Amendment, will we lose the Fourth Amendment and have federal employees in our homes addressing our improper comments be they verbal or in writing?  You may disagree but if he is willing to desecrate that portion of the document for those who died for it, he won’t have any problem chipping away at the other Amendments, the original Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. 
Once he begins, where will he stop?  The Declaration of Independence states:  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  Which will evaporate next?  Once the Constitution is shredded, Liberty will be right behind and then Happiness will follow.  History proves that other societies have lost those including “unneeded” lives which were excluded from society for reasons that define the term “evil”.  Are we to follow?
Currently, the government is ratcheting up its desire to take away firearms based on their words about saving the lives of children/students.  They tell us that to save the lives of those innocent children, guns must be taken out of the hands of the people in the country. 
They are Hypocrites.  They are lying as they know very well that the numbers of students murdered in this country each year by firearms by deranged individuals pale compared to the number of babies murdered in abortion clinics.  Since 1/1/2000, less than 15/year were murdered by firearms (Wikipedia) compared to 1,206,192/year who were murdered by abortionists ( and if the politicians were truly concerned about the lives of their constituents, they would be honest and take a different tact. 
They are Hypocrites.  They know that Israel has had armed guards in every school since 1970 and not one student has been shot since.  Our brilliant politicians ignore success.
They are Hypocrites.  They are being deceitful as they want to be protected by armed guards and want us to be left unprotected when someone, uninvited, ends up in our homes.
They are Hypocrites.  They desire to take our firearms away and give firearms to Mexican drug dealers.  If taken from us, will our guns end up in the hands of other drug dealers in other countries?
They are Hypocrites.  They are setting up God-fearing, law abiding, America-loving, tax-paying people to fight against the government for their rights, those rights given to us by God and the documents that were so wisely written.  As stated in that famous document written on July 4, 1776, this government has been “deaf to the voice of Justice”.
For those of you whom are unarmed and have nothing to worry about now, please pray for those of us who believe it necessary to fight for our Liberty, pray for wisdom on how to battle that which is called Tyranny, and pray that God will continue to prevail and that He will continue to bless America.                              
Robert H. Morris

12 January, 2012


drjim said...

Keep your powder dry, my friend.

DeNihilist said...

Hey Cutter, a call to arms from a christian lady.

Ofay Cat said...

As I look at the state of American politics and realize that it is hopelessly polarized ... I must conclude that the only way to break this trend is war.

The killing of millions of the enemy and beating them into submission is the way the worlds biggest issues get resolved. It has always gone that way and it always will.

So get ready .... conservatives who love freedom are going to have to kill millions of liberals who are trying to enslave them.

End of story.

Jumblerant said...

Israel has also had armed guns in at the doors of all malls and supermarkets too.

Didn't hear of any shootings there did you? Not that our enemies only carry rifles...