Saturday, January 12, 2013

Facebook - The vampires

I had 'deactivated' my FB account a month or 3 ago because of it being a huge waste of time, energy and privacy. I didn't delete it completely because there were a shitload of pictures I had on there that I wanted to retrieve at a later date.
So last week sometime I signed back in to get my pictures, then realized I didn't have time to get sort through them all and figured I'd come back to it later. But while I was there I ran across a few folks that I friended and then got sucked back into the Facebook trap, spending an hour here and there intruding on people's boring-ass lives (I could really give a flying fuck less what you think about your favorite football team or your dog or your kids that hate you and I don't think anybody else does either) before realizing that I need to just dump that shit again.
So I deactivated it again. Why did I deactivate it instead of just deleting it once and for all? Because I still haven't got my goddamned pictures off there, that's why.
I know, I never learn.