Saturday, January 12, 2013

Facebook - The vampires

I had 'deactivated' my FB account a month or 3 ago because of it being a huge waste of time, energy and privacy. I didn't delete it completely because there were a shitload of pictures I had on there that I wanted to retrieve at a later date.
So last week sometime I signed back in to get my pictures, then realized I didn't have time to get sort through them all and figured I'd come back to it later. But while I was there I ran across a few folks that I friended and then got sucked back into the Facebook trap, spending an hour here and there intruding on people's boring-ass lives (I could really give a flying fuck less what you think about your favorite football team or your dog or your kids that hate you and I don't think anybody else does either) before realizing that I need to just dump that shit again.
So I deactivated it again. Why did I deactivate it instead of just deleting it once and for all? Because I still haven't got my goddamned pictures off there, that's why.
I know, I never learn.


Johnboy said...

For what it's worth, I closed my Facebook account and don't miss it. My wife still has hers, but deleted people she doesn't agree with politically and she mainly keeps up with family and pictures that they post.

timbo said...


Is that the only place those pics exist? Don't mean to rub it in, but that was a tad silly of you!

wirecutter said...

Actually Timbo, for some of those pictures it is the only place they exist. You know, take some pictures, post them on FB and then your computer takes a dump.
What's silly of me is not backing up my files.

TD said...

I did the same, but deleted it. Before deleting, you can download a .zip of your profile with comments, messages, pictures, etc. It takes a couple hours to "assemble," but it works just fine. Fuck FB.

TD said...