Sunday, January 27, 2013

Holocaust rememberance

WARSAW, Poland (AP) -- Holocaust survivors, politicians, religious leaders and others marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Sunday with solemn prayers and the now oft-repeated warnings to never let such horrors happen again.
Events took place at sites including Auschwitz-Birkenau, the former death camp where Hitler's Germany killed at least 1.1 million people, mostly Jews, in southern Poland. In Warsaw, prayers were also held at a monument to the fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943.


I remember back in '79 going to Dachau concentration camp on a tour. Back then, they were still denying that it was a death camp, claiming that it was just a 'work' camp - not a death camp even though they worked the prisoners to death. Since then they've discovered that the shower heads in the shower room weren't connected to any plumbing so that kind of blew the theory about nobody being exterminated to hell.
Anyways, as we were walking from the parking lot through where the barracks once stood I noticed a crunching beneath my feet and was horrified to find that I was walking on bone shards.
Once we got to the exhibit halls that were once admin buildings, there were a few things that really struck hard - the rooms filled to the ceiling with hair braids cut from the female prisoners, the piles of eyeglasses that belonged to real human beings and the room filled with shoes but the worst by far was the crematorium. As I recall, there were only 3 ovens in there but all of them still had ashes in them. And the smell of burnt flesh - after 44 years, that stench was still there.
And people question why I support Israel - if some of these fucking American nazis had seen that I think they'd have a different point of view.


pdwalker said...

if some of these fucking American nazis had seen that I think they'd have a different point of view

It's good of you to think so.

Wrench said...

Ken, soon after the Holocaust Museum opened in DC, Lisa and I went. I found out what true evil is. Unfortunately, monsters still rule nations and genocide continues while the UN looks the other way. The world is a cesspool full of elitist degenerates.

Gabe said...

And lets not forget, it was all 'legal.'

Anonymous said...

I too went to Dachau, I also saw Flossenberg, where American prisoners died. I was in charge of some GI's on a tour from our unit. The things I noticed most was that, even though there was a major highway just outside the wall, the area inside was almost silent. I also noticed the lack of insects buzzing and birds chirping. Probably one of the most bone chilling experiences of my life.


crankyjohn said...

We still have Nazis today, They are called progessives and their allies the muslims. They are natural allies because they both despise individualism and liberty. They are not so different from each other as people think.

Brad_in_MA said...

The Warsaw uprising took place on April 19 (1943), the first night of Passover, a holiday about freedom. The uprising also coincided with another day marking the start of freedom, April 19, 1775. On that day we had The Shot Heard 'round the World.
- Brad

timbo said...

That's gotta change a person forever. I've never been, but I sent my 17yo daughter last year with a school group. You want to see someone go from being a spoiled teen to a responsible adult in a hurry, have them spend 2 weeks touring death camps.

Walking on bones shards? Jesus that's harsh.

BobG said...

I had an uncle who was a master sergeant at the liberation of Buchenwald; he had a hard time keeping his men from shooting the guards out of hand when they found out what was happening there.

Wraith said...

Remember, folks...if this shit starts going down in America(not that it ever would, of course--I mean, where would anyone get that idea?), there ain't nobody coming to liberate us.

We're on our own.

AbbyS said...

Don't know if this copy/paste thing will work here, but I gotta' share this link. Did you know that Alfred Hitchcock helped make a Holocost documentary? I couldn't watch it the whole way thru.

wirecutter said...

Yeah, I've got that downloaded to my computer. Very good documentary.

DaddyBear said...

I visited Dachau a couple of times when I was stationed over there. The displays had been updated to show that the site had indeed been used as a place to kill people, mostly Soviet POW's, but also political dissidents and foreign agents.

The thing that stuck with me was how some of the Germans acted like they were in a park, while a lot of foreigners acted like they were in a cemetery. One German family even broke off a piece of barbed wire next to the crematorium, climbing up on one of the mounds that contain human ashes to get it.

Never again only means something if we never forget.