Monday, January 14, 2013

Hot damn, I'm gonna be rich!

I have a stock Ruger 5 round magazine that came with my Mini-14 lying around the house that I had absolutely no use for - I already had a couple magazines that I found a year or so ago up in the hills where I shoot, plus I bought a few 10 rounders while I was waiting on the rifle (10 day waiting period here) - so I figured what the hell, and I put it up on eBay yesterday to see what happens to it.
I started it at 5 bucks, figuring to get maybe 10 for it and now it's up to 23 bucks! For a 5 round magazine! FIVE! With 6 days left!
Whoops, my bad, motherfucker's up to $26 now - HERE'S THE LINK so you can see for yourself.
After I posted it, I went back and checked comparable auctions and saw where the motherfuckers were going for 40 plus dollars. For 5 round magazines?
Of course, NYC is imposing a ban on anything holding more than 7 rounds so I can see why the law abiding NRA folks are panic buying. They can see it coming everywhere.
Forty bucks for a five round magazine? Jesus, Woody was bitching this morning because Sierra Arms is selling 10 rounders for an AR for 27 bucks which is about what they were selling them for before the buying frenzy started.
By the way, if you go to the eBay link and start nosing around my profile and feedback, the Justin Bieber shit was bought for Lisa's 5 year old grand daughter for Christmas. At least that's what I'm telling everybody......