Saturday, January 05, 2013

It's a nap day today - got 3 or 4 planned.

Lazy day today. Taking a breather before I exhaust myself running all over the fucking state trying to catch some Big Ass Trout and making some fur fly.
I got to thinking last week that it's been a busy year between working, moving and getting married. I haven't shot a single coyote or caught a BAT in over a year. Then Pops up and dying on me didn't help matters any - it wasn't like most fuckers I know dying and everything back to normal after they go in the ground.
Going up to Lake McSwain Monday and Tuesday with my father-in-law because he's comfortable up there. I've never caught a BAT there before - I think the biggest trout I've ever caught there was 23 inches and just under 5 pounds - but they do have quite a few nice grilling trout.
I'm planning on a day trip to Melones for BATs on Wednesday or Thursday. I went up there a couple of years ago and caught a shitload of fish and kept the 3 largest, 3 trout totaling 17 pounds. I think the smallest one I caught that day was 15 inches.
After that, I'm not sure what I'm doing. We'll have to see how it rolls, you know?