Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Just thought I'd let you know


Sarthurk said...

Yet another reason why CGD has more kitchen privileges than Ken.

Anonymous said...

Reference Point.

RegT said...

Reminds me of back in '74 I was working in a hospital in So. Cal. A nurse on the med-surg floor was having a birthday, and her co-workers had odered a cake from a lady who would make one any way you wanted it.

This one looked like one of those blue plastic bed pans (anyone remember those?), with yellow jelly-type frosting in the bottom of the pan (translucent like the red on your cake), and two healthy-sized brownie "logs" sitting right in the middle.

I I don't know if the cake was ever eaten, or not. When I dropped by for a visit later that day - and to see if one of the brownies might still be available - the cake was gone.

Tom Stockton said...

Must have had some of that hot sauce from the post above!

Ken, you brought your "A" game today!

hiswiserangel said...

The same design can be used for a congratulatory cake with the message: "Whew! I got my period!"

RegT said...

I like that, hiswiserangel!

Or maybe for a young lady celebrating her first (menarche).