Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Makes sense to me

Someone stopped by searching for “why the push to ban high capacity magazines?”
Primarily, because standard capacity magazines cannot be replaced quickly enough for most gun owners to avoid being entrapped by the law.
For example, New York’s Cuomo has just banned standard capacity magazines for some twenty million guns in his unfortunate State. Those guns range from virtually all .22 rifles that are not single shots to a few extended capacity shotguns. 
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Thanks to Murray for the link


Robert Fowler said...

I don't live in NY (thank God). but I did leave a comment that asked a honest question. I ask it here for you and your readers to consider and comment.

I carry a 1911. Most of my mags are 7 rounders. Now, with a full 7 in the box and one up the schnoz, does that make me a person intent on doing evil? Does that magic 8th round turn me into a evil killer?

Cuomo is a asshole that wants to be president. I think he should be attached to a lamp post with a short rope.

Rod said...

The New York law also bans the Garand. The en bloc clip isn't made to hold less than 8 rounds, and the gun has a scary bayonet stud on it.

J Beck said...

FWIW: NY limits on magazine size won’t slow determined killers, firearms experts say