Saturday, January 05, 2013

muslim animal fuckers

Recently I've been accused of racism due to my making fun of muslims fucking animals. Okay, first of all I didn't realize that islam is a race - I thought it was just a fucked up political ideology. Second, their own "holy" leaders condone it.
Don't believe me? Check this shit out:

And then there's this:

And of course, let's not forget that the Mohammed, the greatest goat fucker of all was a child molester - a man that took (literally took her) a Jewish child of 6 as his bride - although he abstained from violating her until she was 9 years old. That was mighty big of him, don't you think?

So, Anonymous commenter, does this answer your question as to why I post shit making fun of your so called religion?
Fuck you. Or a sheep. Or a little child. Or Obama.


Hmmm, this post has been up for several hours now and not a fucking peep out of my troll. Imagine that.