Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Yeah man, I'm back. Went up to McSwain with my father-in-law for some bank fishing and general fucking off. McSwain ain't really known for it's Big Ass Trout fishing but Al likes it for some reason and seeing as we were taking his motor home.....
Anyways, we got up there about 11 yesterday and I caught one little suckerfish all fucking day long, Al not catching a thing. Finally just as the sun is setting he called it a day and  headed back up to the motor home to put some steaks on. He no sooner got out of sight when I got a hit and reeled in a small trout, maybe 15 inches long, then cast back out and immediately laid into another dink - this one bigger at about 19 inches but still falling far short of the BAT category.
By that time the sun was setting and I started freezing my ass off so I quit for the day and headed back for my steak dinner.
This morning was the same story as yesterday afternoon - nothing and so packed it up around 10 - we were anxious to get back into town - me for a hot shower and Al so he could make the Wednesday night services at church.
All in all, it was a great time. Me and Al got to man-bond without any wimmenfolk pestering us and we both got to relax. I do wish Al had caught some fish though. When he dropped me off, I promised him a day trip in the next few days to my favorite spots where I guarantee he'll catch him some fish - great big motherfuckers, too.
When I got back to the motor home the batteries in my camera were dead so I cleaned the fish and threw them in the freezer. They're in my refrigerator now defrosting, so I'll take pictures of them for you before I throw them in the freezer.


hiswiserangel said...

Glad you boys had fun and made it home safe. :-)

Lisa said...

I love the mood you came home can go fishin with my Daddy anytime!

wirecutter said...

Let me go fishing more often and I'll come home in a better mood more often.

timbo said...

God I miss fishing! Next best thing is hearing someone else's tales.