Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Okay, I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings.....

.....but my fucking inbox is filling up faster than I can empty it with everybody's rants over our current crisis. The huge majority of what I'm getting is well thought out and very well written but the sad fact of the matter is that I just don't have the time to read, moderate and post them all.
I wish I did. Unfortunately, I work a full time job and the time that I spend online is getting to be more and more. Many of you may recall that I took a break a couple of months ago and upon my return I said that my posts will be fewer so I can enjoy life a little more, but this whole deal with the shootings and the resulting fallout from our 'public servants' has shot that in the ass. Hell, I started a great book Sunday and I'm only into the second chapter. That sucks. No, I obviously don't have much self restraint - that's why I'm posting this now. There's coyotes that need killin' and Big Ass Trout that need to be caught and I can't do that sitting in front of my computer.

I can't come up with a simple yet fair method of choosing which ones to post and which ones to put back for possibly a later post. Obviously I won't post a liberal's point of view unless it's for entertainment purposes and I think many of you realize it. And most of my readers have a like mind with each other and myself or you wouldn't be here in the first place - can't be the camel toe, I've slacked in that department - and as a result most of the emails I do get for posting are pretty much the same, just different words. I do get an occasional one that grabs me by the nuts and screams "POST ME NOW!!!" and those do get posted, usually the same day if not right away.

What I'm trying to say is that if you send me something and it doesn't show up, please understand why. Let me put it this way - my email folder for future posts has dozens of emails in it. Hell, sometimes I don't even have time to reply, and that kills me. I mean, if you take the time to sit down and write something, it deserves at least a thank you.

But I do have some rules that need to be followed if you don't mind.
1) I need your written permission at the bottom of the email to post it.

2) If it's from a newspaper or any other publication, I need a link with it so I don't get my ass sued off. I prefer not to post anything from another person's blog - they deserve the credit if they posted it first. Besides, anybody that reads my blog probably reads theirs also and we don't need to waste time posting the same stuff.  Along those lines:

3) I need it to be sent to me only - I don't want to post something only to find out that it's posted on several different blogs that same day already.

4) Obviously, no threats to anybody. I don't want or need the extra heat from the feds. You don't either. I know my blog and probably my email is monitored and you should assume your email is also. They don't need to bust me first to bust you.

5) Sign it as you want it to be published. If your full name is on it, I need your express permission to post it that way.

6) Please understand also that I've given permission to other bloggers that my material can be used, abused and stolen so it may show up on other sites. If that's not okay with you, don't send it me.

Thanks again for your understanding.