Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sneaky fuckers



Anonymous said...

Or sprayed everywhere buy chemtrail planes.

cato said...

Hey, if I snort a bunch of this GPS smart dust, will I know where I'm going?

timbo said...

We are so screwed!

Roswell said...

I have accepted that attempting to "hide in plain sight" for the most part won't work. With the technology available today, and gov. having someof the best. Gonna have to do "work arounds".
Amazing technology, I have to wonder who thought macro gps devices would be cool to make.... and use.... on the people who were formerly free to
move about without fear/concern of being tracked.

Johnboy said...

Good Lord! We could be fed these and never know we'd been tagged!

Dan said...

These are RFID devices they are NOT GPS capable. They have enough ROM to store a 38
digit number. Perfect for inventory control and stockkeeping. RFID's only respond to an RF query, they cannot send a signal on their own as they are unpowered. To be useful they must be within a few feet to at most a few yards of the recieving antenna.

They could be useful for tracking inanimate items....especially currency etc. They are next
to useless at tracking anything that does not enter or leave a controlled environment like a
bank or a warehouse In the grand scheme of Big Brother's abuses these are bit (sic) players.