Friday, January 18, 2013

Stop, you're scaring me.

Ever since this shit about the Citadel started my hate mail has gotten outrageous but today's took the cake. Check this shit out - some motherfucker named IIIAmerican has threatened to turn me in to the IRS for the money I've made off this blog. Two things struck me funny about this:
#1 - Seriously? What kind of Patriot supports or willingly has anything to do with the IRS?
#2 - I don't think the IRS is going to say anything about the $140- $150 I've made off of my ramblings and camel toe pictures in the past year. Really, if anybody out there thinks I'm making any money off this or doing it for the money, you're fucking stupid as hell. My average donation is 10 bucks and I get about 1-2 of those a month, if that.
I do appreciate those that have sent me some of their hard earned cash, but if I never made a single red cent off it from here on it, it wouldn't bother me a bit. It also wouldn't shut me up.
Turn me into the IRS...... shit, Mikey's disciples have hit a new low. Why don't you just threaten to burn my house down or kill me like the PETAphiles whenever I post the dead animal pictures I get from Bearded Youth and the rest of the proud hunters?