Tuesday, February 05, 2013

A book recommendation

Okay I presume that most of you are owners, maybe even carriers. So’ I’ve got an important book recommendation for you.
I’ve already sent this to one of you, but I want the rest to get my recommendation as well.

I got it primarily to educate myself on what to do if ever in that situation, but found it was also an excellent insight into legal defense in cases such as the current Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin circus. Korwin prepared this with a team of gun and lawyer consultants (two of whom are personal email friends). While he gives no cookbook answers, he clealy describes the disagreements among the legal professionals. Quite fairly, he presents particularly the arguments contradiction his own views. Not only good for preparing one’s self for a possible crisis, but also for better understanding the news. Well written and maybe a little pricy if never needed, but priceless if it ever is.