Tuesday, February 05, 2013

A question for all you knife lovers

John's got a couple of vintage knives that has no other markings other than a canoe on them and we're trying to figure out what kind they are. I thought they were Old Timers, but that ain't right.

Here's a piece of his email:

These knives are of a fixed blade (one a Skinner, the other a general purpose straight blade), They have no discernable markings other than the “Canoe” logo I mentioned earlier. The blade is a porous metal but very sharp and not hard to put an edge on, I do not know how well it holds that edge yet as I have not had to cut anybody yet!

Does anybody have an answer for us?


Fuzzy in AZ said...

Have John check out this link: and scroll down to Trade Knives. There's a number of Dean Oliver's shown there, and if John's knives look similar, there ya go.
BTW, I've bought knives from Ragnar (knifemaker of Ragweed Forge), and his products are always quality and reasonably priced.

thestarsbegintofall said...

They look like this by chance?

wirecutter said...

You nailed it, guys!
Thank you very much, you just got me a ride on an airboat if I ever get down to Florida!

Devil Tongue said...

Well, I must admit this was a very rewarding experience and a lesson of T. Barnum Baily.

Thank you all for your input, I noticed that the same type of festival mentioned was the type where I purchased mine.

Wirecutter, please take the (air boat)drivers seat, we have an excursion to attend. Pork loins are on the slow smoker and should be ready when we return.

Devil Tongue said...

A ride my ass BITCH, after hours of researching on my part, you manage to come up with the answers in a FUCKING single post?

I will see to it you are driving the MF'er after we breach the dock. Stick that in your smike & poke it!

I know you are from CA, However, my other brother-from-another-mother was from there as well.

Devil Tongue

Devil Tongue said...

Shame on me, in my excitment I forgot to say thank you to everyone for the posting, info & links. Thank you very much.