Sunday, February 17, 2013

Big Sis is watching you (Toledo)

These have popped up in Toledo, Ohio. Getting the sheeple used to being watched. Fuck Obama.
-Michigan Doug

You see something like this, waste their time. Copy a recipe or something and put it in an envelope or a package, make sure you have nothing on you, then stand directly under it, pass it to another person and have them pass you a dollar. Then walk 15 or 20 yards away and wait for the cops to show up. 
If it's on your private property, hook up to it and drive it off your property. Yes, I see the wheel lock. Drag it. 
If you're up to the task, get into a concealable position without being observed and shoot the motherfucker out with a pellet gun. Maybe take a super-soaker and fill it full of dishsoap and coat the lenses.
Let them know you ain't happy with it.