Sunday, February 10, 2013

Drones hunting SoCal fugitive

I ran across an article on Drudge today saying that the manhunt for the southern California cop killer is using all tools at their disposal including drones.
I was waiting til tomorrow to do a post on it, figuring he would've been caught or found dead by now but Mike sent me a link from HERE at Bob Owens that says it better than I can so I'm going to save myself the trouble of typing it all out myself.
I will ask this here, along with Bob Owens, though: Is he going to be the first American citizen killed on US soil by a drone? If he is, the shit ain't going to stop with him. He'll just be the first one.


hiswiserangel said...

Sounds like Obama's got him a lab rat. It's going to tick off a lot of the folks on the left though, they kind of like the dude.

Toejam said...

They'll never get me. I always wear my cloak of invisibility.

R.R. said...

I found an article at a news sight on this same story. It blew my fuckin mind how many people in the comments section approved of their use because its in "the best interest of catching a cop-killer". First off, it's alleged cop-killer and secondly, this will only set the precedent for the future use of them. Amazing how many brain dead people are roaming our streets.