Friday, February 22, 2013

For Lisa's readers

Okay, for those that have tried to comment on Miss Lisa's new blog, Barbed Wire and Bracelets, but couldn't, be patient. I think Google is having issues. I can comment but can't follow her using my google account, had to sign in under my yahoo thingie.
Keep trying, yeah?
By the way, she's fucking thrilled she had over a thousand hits so far. Thank you. Hell, it took me months to get my first thousand hits.


hiswiserangel said...

Is that why she's got your gnarly mug and the rest of us get your finger?

wirecutter said...

Naw, that was on purpose.

Anonymous said...

Did you tell her she remotely started a food fight over at Angel's? Most fun I had today.

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry, how was your shrip creole?
Miss V

drjim said...

Hmmmm....I just tried, and was able to leave a comment.

BC said...

Off topic, but it reminded me of wirecutter

Southern Home Secutity In The Obama Age

Anonymous said...

Miss V.,
Sorry for late reply, just saw it. It was the other grand mother's recipe, Abuela. That is why I said it was Cuban creole. It was great. Grand daughter is lucky to have two grand mothers that are great cooks. Wife is trying to collect all the recipes from her she can. Challenging because both her English and our Spanish suck.