Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gotta get one

I've read about making these super-lasers - they might come in handy for blocking cameras, both ground based and on drones, not to mention seriously fucking up helicopter pilots that are making an assault on your property.


pdwalker said...

I was talking to a manufacturer of these lovely devices and they had on display a 1 watt ontinious beam blue laser.

1 watt!

That green laser shining in your room was probably between 100 to 300 milliwatts.

Anonymous said...

Remember lasers are like tracers, they work both ways.

drjim said...

There's a company called "Wicked Lasers" that sells these.

Paul, Dammit! said...

I got flashed when coming into New York with a loaded tanker 5 years ago. Very unpleasant. Lasted about 20 seconds, so I'm assuming that it was a small one.

skidmark said...

I've got a cheapo green laser pointer that I can see bouncing off the moon. I've got a slightly more powerful (but still completely legal) one moun=ted on a steel stick that I can use to write my name on the moon.

Now, some of those "not for imnport" ones that will melt the cheese in your sammich inside a black garbage bag? That will set your MIL's hair on fire? WANT!

stay safe.