Friday, February 15, 2013

Hey, I gotta be me.

I had a much better day today. I'm technically a loader but I actually load maybe one or two days a week, the other days shuttling bread from my employer's bakery to the truck's where that particular order is going using a machine like the one below.
It's a fairly large machine, weighing a couple of tons, and we haul 2 stacks of bread at a time. We drive them backwards with the load trailing and they move out at about 10-12 mph which is pretty fast in a crowded environment. For the story below I need to add that they don't stop on a dime. Not even a quarter.

A year or so ago, I was hauling a load down the dock at full speed when an order selector pulled out of an aisle, texting on his goddamned phone, not watching for traffic. He had two pallets of canned goods on his motor, stacked about 7 feet tall, weighing about 3 tons. I plowed right into him, scattering 2 stacks of bread, 2 pallets of canned goods and him all over the dock, startling the hell out of me in the process. While the video cameras above the dock proved it was not my fault, I did receive a counseling letter for my actions following the accident.
Apparently I should've made sure he was all right and sending for a supervisor if he wasn't instead of jumping off my machine and bending over him while he was laying stunned there on the floor and yelling "I hope you broke your fucking back, you stupid son of a bitch!"
Yeah, whatever, man.


PioneerPreppy said...

We called those dock trucks and your right they don't stop all that fast when you pull your foot off the deadman switch. Surprised you are getting 12 MPH though I could never get much more than 7 mph.

I used to run a cat hi-rise lift we called a tall mast the only real difference is it went up much higher and more side to side and front raise control oh and it would extend the load forward a good ways for putting pallets in the racks.

Billy Keslick said...

I used to be an order selector many years ago.
The mayhem started when the power would go out during a storm
Billy K

pdwalker said...

No, I think your response was the correct one.

Anonymous said...

That can't be your rig - where's the "Fuck Obama" sticker?