Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I do have some decorating sense, ya know.

Lisa had a cabinet in the dining room under my barbed wire displays and had approached her dad about building an upper piece for it. He priced the wood and that kind of shot that idea in the ass but then he came dragging this home from the flea market today. Heavy motherfucker, probably weighed 200 pounds, but he bought it for about 1/4 of the price of the materials to build one.

So now Lisa has her day's work cut out for her, cleaning it all up and trying to figure out what to put in there and and to arrange it, you know, girly shit.
Hell, it would take me about 5 seconds to decorate it - put an ammo oddity collection in there - start with a 500 Nitro Express in the middle of the top shelf and stagger them down in size on either side, coyote calls on the middle shelf, electronic calls and locators in the middle of the bottom with hydration bladders and ghillie material scattered around, slap a coyote skull on either side on the lower cabinet, then smear the whole motherfucker with sage camo grease sticks.
She did not take my suggestion well, as a matter of fact I'm pretty much banned from going near it.