Saturday, February 09, 2013

I don't see any damned bacon anywhere


LIHS Blogger said...

Who the fuck would even consider, let alone want, to eat that fucking monstrosity with the apparently dry looking hamburgers and all that friggin vegetable matter and plastic looking cheese-like shit. Give me a burger swimming in its own grease and in the grease of lots of bacon, with maybe good portion of fried onions and mushrooms, all on a bun that was slathered with butter and browned in a frying pan, and I will devour it and be in heaven as long as their is salt available on the table to pour over it. A good bier or three would also be helpful.

Grog said...

The bacon is precooked and mixed in with the burgers, no one told you that? I'll talk to the chef.

BobG said...

It needs some mustard, too.