Thursday, February 21, 2013

I just can't let this go, man.

Okay, I gotta confess that on the post below, I did not watch the video on the link. I still have not watched it. I don't know what it contains but I suspect that it's more of the same bullshit about telling people to fight back if there's a shooter.
Bullshit you say? BULLSHIT???

Yeah, bullshit. My whole line of thinking on this is that if somebody has to tell you to fight back, you've already lost the fucking battle and probably your life. It should be a natural reaction.

Let me give you a couple of examples, both of them years apart. The Luby's shooting it Texas back in October of '91 and the more recent Aurora theater shooting in Colorado. I'm going to go out on a limb here but I actually do not believe that there weren't patrons at both shootings that weren't armed. Why didn't they shoot back? Was it mindset? Fear? Panic? I don't know, but people died. The Luby's shooting in particular still has me shaking my head - the shooter was moving around. He had his back to some of the patrons/victims and was still allowed to continue on with his killing. How come nobody got up and beat his ass down with a chair if a firearm wasn't available? Were they afraid of being shot? Hell, I'd be afraid of getting shot if I didn't stop him. It's called self-defense for a reason, folks.

I have a feeling, with my readership, that I'm preaching to the choir here but you have to keep the mindset that you ARE NOT going to let anybody fuck with you and if they do, they are going to pay dearly for it. Make sure they're going to think twice about doing it again.
Let me put it another way: You're walking down the street in California and somebody attempts to rob you with a knife. You give him your wallet and watch and self respect and he's arrested later. You've still lost your wallet, your watch and self respect. He might, just might, get 5 years of which he'll serve half due to the politician's prison realignment program. That is the cost of doing business to a criminal. Nothing more. He won't even remember your face when he get's out 2.5 years later with a couple of new tattoos.
But if you pull out your gun (or knife) and fuck his shit up, I guarantee that if he lives, he will remember you - maybe not you specifically, but he'll remember the surprise he got when he tried to rob Joe Citizen and he will think twice about doing it again.
Yeah, you might get hurt. I don't know about you but I'm willing to give up some blood for my self respect.

What about the cops and the law after you've planted your blade or 3 rounds in his chest? Well, that's up to you. Myself, I'll reholster my weapon and move out smartly. Catch me if you can. And I doubledamn guarantee you they won't put a lot of effort into finding somebody that merely cleaned up the street for them.
I'll deal with it when the situation arises.