Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Just sayin'

Ran into Lisa's niece at the Walmart this morning. Sure was strange seeing another white person there.
Other than that, nothing off-the-wall happened there for a change.


crankyjohn said...

Dude, I went into a Burlington coat factory back in december, I was shocked it was full of white people, but I discovered just about ALL of them fuckers spoke some weird language, russian, or slavic, arabic. I SHIT YOU NOT!! Everyone. Man what I would have given to hear a few beaners in there that night!! It was like being in another country.

orbitup said...

Find any ammo?

Skip said...

I saw a white guy at the ammo counter today..while we waited behind a beaner family unloading two carts of shit to be rung up.
Picked up my allotted three boxes of shot other ammo on the shelves, 'cept slugs.