Monday, February 04, 2013

Lessons learned - and taught.

Got this from Brian this morning. Worth the read.


When Seconds Count, Cops Are Minutes Away*Free War Story Enclosed

My friend Dave, a fellow copper, used to say that and laugh like a hyena. Because it's true.

This morning I was reading about the Navy Seal sniper who was shot and killed at a gun range and I was reminded of how easy it is to kill anybody. That guy by all accounts, was a serious bad ass and clearly capable of defending himself- yet he lost his life. Stateside.

I always have guns around me. This is not because I am some whack job looking to kill someone- this is because I was a cop for a long time and I know how many whack jobs are out there- self medicated and pissed off at the world.

I make no apologies for being armed. I won't waste time dialing 911.  I will use what precious seconds I have taking action- not praying like some statist that a cop car is across the street. Or worse yet, that the cop that does arrive will actually intervene right away rather than wait for help to arrive. Cops are trained to wait for help.

They teach us that. So retired old cops know that when seconds count- young cops are still minutes away. That's why we have guns.

So I thought I would tell you about an incident that happened to me. I have never told anyone this story except for a few close friends. It was not my finest moment but it could have been a lot worse. I like to think of it as a learning experience. I was about 25 when this happened. I was in my fourth year of law enforcement.
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timbo said...

That was an enjoyable story, with a good moral as well.

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Damn rollers.

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That could have gotten outta hand real fast. But he got his revenge.
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