Monday, February 11, 2013

We are truly fucked

You want to see stupidity in action? Go HERE and watch the video. Remember, these people vote.


Alan said...

Oceanside California Pier.

Stationed in Oceanside almost two years, Camp Pendleton. Would recognize it anywhere. Good surfing, that's about it.

95% of the population are idiots and THEY, are screwed.

Jason said...

HOLY FUCK. What a bunch of fucking morons. That truly is scary, these are the people that are voting in our government officials.

My God, When does it end?

Wrench said...

As I am a believer in holding precious metals as the hedge for inflation, I also am dehydrating veggies and fruit plus vacuum packing pasta, rice, and beans. Also am hoarding stuff like 2-stroke oil, motor oil, tyranny fluid, bullets, screws, and nails for barter. Although my list is not complete, it is a start. I think money will be a short lived standard when/if theTEOTWAWKI hits.
Idiots like those in the video will soon learn what commodities, like gold and silver, are valued as when they try to use a wheel barrow of cash to buy a gal of milk.
Movies like "The Road" illustrates what life may be like in a post appocolytic event. Food, water and firearms are your best friend in any event. IMHO.