Friday, March 15, 2013

Ammo drought

How bad is the ammo drought? Last week, I saw a picture of a 100 round box of 9mm on the side of a milk carton.

I do know this - today at work Janet the traffic clerk told me that her sister bought a 9mm but there was a slight problem. She can't find ammo for it, so basically she's got a $900 club.
I turned her on to and and wished her luck. She'll be able to find some there, but she's gonna wait on it and then she's gonna pay through the nose for it.
Fuck, I'm glad I prepped for this shit.


Keads said...

Yeah, its getting rough out there. I feel sorry for my new shooter and concealed carry students. I tell them they picked the wrong time to get into this!

Sarthurk said...

My step daughter just bought 100 rnds for $80

Holy crap

I could make that for $5 with available components and, wait...

Who needs ammo?

peaowed said...

I started buying in bulk when Clinton was fucking interns in the Oval Office.

Robert Fowler said...

I sold out of 9mm last night at the fun show in just about 2 hours. I started with 2500 rds. Now the biggest problem I have is finding small pistol primers. I heard one guy at the show had them for 60 bucks a thousand. Fuck. Being a ammo manufacturer right now sucks. All of my suppliers are out of everything. I'm tired pf seeing, "out of stock, no backorder".

NCRebel said... has real time inventory tracking

Anonymous said...

Amen on the preperation shit. 22 LR is sought after and not available here in WA. Seeing it asked for--- for a boat load of money.
I got mine so fuck 'em. Ammo Seek is another good resource.

Anonymous said...

I use for a lot of my online purchases. You can also order ammo from Wilson armories site too, i've looked at what they have but haven't bought any because I already have enough ammo to supply my needs for everything I have (except 5.7x28mm)


Neil A Russell said...

This is why I'm shooting black powder for a while.
Even bought a couple new pistols while they are still available mail order with no paperwork hassle.

Anonymous said...

Try for links for ammo that is in stock. John Remsdad III