Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fuck the feds, each and every one of them.

America’s gun owners are under siege on virtually all fronts. Congress is after us, and so are governors such as New York’s Andrew Cuomo and Maryland’s Martin O'Malley. They must think that when they run for the Democratic presidential nomination, a strong anti-gun stance will help them with left-wing primary voters.
It doesn’t stop there, however, as the media, liberal legislators and both federal and state regulators are looking for new and often unique ways to please their liberal bosses by harassing gun owners, dealers and manufacturers.

One major national firearms retailer, for example, has been under fire for more than two years from the Obama administration’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It seems the company won’t hire convicted felons, which the commission claims amounts to illegal racial discrimination. The federal government these days argues that policies that have what government lawyers call a “disparate impact” on racial minorities amount to impermissible discrimination - even when the policies themselves were not put in place for discriminatory reasons. Thus, the government argues that a higher percentage of minorities within the felony population than in the population at large means that any policy that discriminates against felons as a class is discriminatory because its impact falls disparately on minorities.
Company officials pointed out to commission investigators threatening to charge the company with discrimination that they couldn’t hire felons even if they wanted to, because federal law prohibits federal firearms licensees from hiring felons. The investigator’s response was, according to a company official I talked to: “That’s your problem, not ours.” These are investigators and regulators who can read between the lines, know their bosses are anti-gun and will do anything they can to please them.



Understand one thing: All federal agencies and employees are your enemy. ALL of them. The feds control the purse strings and when an agency doesn't knuckle under, their funding will be cut. Money talks, bullshit walks.


Cavedogg said...

Umm Wirecutter not ALL fed employees are your enemies. I for one am damn sure not I just happen to work Dod been here 29 freaking years with six left till "Parol" or retirment as it were. And hell I got that tat done I told you about if that ain't putting it out there well. Naw man don't paint us all with that fucking brush. Theres allot more of us here that are with you than you would think. Some of us do think and see whats going on.

giamby said...

Cavedogg is 100% correct.

giamby said...

Well, Cavedogg, I don't see Wiregoddammit easing his stance. I guess we need to go after that rat bastard? ;)

wirecutter said...

Whoa, don't come gunning for me now! I published your point of view.

Fuck, now I gotta look over my shoulder in case y'all try to kidnap me and get me fucked up to change my mind.
Let me know when so I can keep the next day clear, I hate working with a hangover.

Trialdog said...

Across the board government oppression is coupled with select private assaults against gun manufacturers and sellers. As you know, Comcast, one of the 7 controlling media conglomerates in this country, will not take advertising from gun manufacturers or sellers. If you think this policy originated with Comcast executives you are delusional. Comcast is beholden to government regulators and will do what they are told. This decision came from the White House.

Wrench said...

The feds are doing the same bully shit to communities who take HUD money to build low income housing. Fine print allows them to do ethnic diversity inspections i.e. if there is not a good ratio of ethnic people squatting in these places, you have to kick out some of the majority to make room for the minorities. If there are not enough minorities in your community, then they have to advertise to bring them in from outside areas. This is part of the Agenda 21 bull dung. One big happy community. Nothing like importing crime. Spread the wealth thing...

Cavedogg said...

That's funny. Wire I do hope one day to tilt a few with ya. Right now trying to get the hell out of Cali transfer to Texas. Any place is better than this leftard coast!!