Friday, March 29, 2013

Hit 'em hard, Mr Singh.

A Sikh man is suing the state of California over its gun laws, arguing they violate his First Amendment rights to practice his religion by barring him from carrying the kind of weapons he says he needs for self-defense.
Gursant Singh Khalsa, a practicing Sikh for 35 years, charges in the lawsuit filed this month that California’s laws banning military-style, semiautomatic weapons and high-capacity magazines violate mainstream Sikh doctinre requiring Sikhs “be at all time fully prepared to defend themselves and others against injustice.”
“We’re required to wear what’s called a kirpan” or dagger, he said Thursday. “I feel, as far as my religion goes, it dictates that we should have all weapons of all kinds to defend ourselves. By not being able to carry an assault rifle or weapon that has a high-capacity magazine, I don’t feel that I can defend myself or my family.”
Mr. Khalsa, who lives in Yuba City about 40 miles north of Sacramento, said he believes such a right should be available to all Americans with the proper training but that it’s also specific to the Sikh religion, which has roots deeply tied to self-defense.
“Some splinter groups attempt this by wearing symbolic miniature daggers in their turbans, to comply with this requirement,” he argues in the lawsuit, filed in federal court in California. “But mainstream Sikhs believe this requirement is a literal and true moral duty. As Guru Gobind Singh instructed his Sikhs; ‘Without uncut hair and weapons do not come before me’.”


There's a fairly large Sikh population here in the valley. They have their little enclaves in some towns like Ceres and they've pretty much dominated some types of work such as driving trucks, owning the Stop-n-Rob stores and motels.
Their neighborhoods are clean and considering the size of their ethnic group, their crime rat is pretty damned low. No Sikh gangs that I'm aware of. They pretty much keep to themselves, and seem to be assimilating from what I see. And they've got pretty cool turbans, not like an ayrab's.


drjim said...

And they have a most impressive combat record in the Indian Army.

GreyLocke said...

I went to military school with 2 Sikh brothers. They were very smart, extremely well mannered and polite to a fault. They were also the guys you would want backing you when the townies tried to beat us up or harass the female cadets. I'd take a Sikh at my back anytime.

wirecutter said...

Yeah, I ain't got a problem with them. Like I said, they seem to be assimilating pretty good. Mom and Dad may still be in a turban and sari, but the kids are in jeans and T-shirts and speaking English.
And their neighborhoods look better than a 'white' neighborhood - My in-laws live in a Sikh neighborhood and feel completely comfortable and safe there.

drjim said...

One of my college professors was a Sikh. As GreyLocke says, they seem to be pretty good people. My professor was extremely fair, and if you had a good reason (not an excuse!) for turning an assignment in late, he'd accept it and not penalize you.
He was very highly regarded by both the students and the other faculty.

rpm2day said...

I work with two Sikhs. At lunch time their food is your food. Good guys.

Wraith said...

There's a lot of 'Christians' out there who could seriously take some life lessons from the Sikhs. They're a credit to the human race and a welcome addition to Real America.

Brad_in_MA said...

Don't forget that The Ignorant Unwashed "confuse" them with Muslims, even though the turbans are quite different. If there was ever a visibly different ethnic group that needed all the tools of self protection, Sikhs are it.

BTW . . . captcha code sucks. I had to refresh four times before hitting a combination I could read.
Kenny, I get why you have to use it, but Holy Brother of Moses, there has to be a better way.