Sunday, March 03, 2013


To all,
It has come to this...hypocrisy on parade.    
Our illustrious government led by our illustrious leader has promulgated the following:
1.  Our enemies can have F-16 jets and Abram tanks while our only ally in the Middle East gets shortchanged.
2.  Law abiding Americans are not to have firearms while those defense weapons are sold to Mexican drug cartels.
3.  The government pours money down the drain to support those who do not want to work but the monetary spigot has been turned off for those magnificent fly overs by military aircraft at sports events.
America is rapidly becoming Amerika.
Where did we find people who advocate these "brilliant" decisions and how can we return them to where they originated?

America was founded by conservative individuals who loved the country which they assembled and fought for, some to the death, to keep this republic, this government which has lasted longer than any on this earth.  It is that good.  And yet, those "progressives" in command call it bad, call it worthless, call it one to shred while many in this country have become "useful idiots" as Vladimir Lenin called them and just love the direction these progressives, aka socialists, are taking us.  Those of us whom have been to countries with oppressive governments or ones which are valiantly attempting to rid themselves of history's failures, fear what will happen when socialism firmly and successfully wraps its talons around our lives.  Then, this country will return to our God, not a cult from another society, but to Jesus while they valiantly attempt to escape the dark, light-less oppression known as tyranny.
May God help us.


  1. It WAS that good, anyway, not anymore. Our currrent federal government is precisely what our Constitution was written to prevent. The degree of taxation and regulation that the colonists lived under was nothing compared to what exists today. If the men that fought the Revolutionary war could come back and see what we have become, they would wonder why they wasted their time. We have traded our freedom for a false promise of security, and just as Franklin warned, we will end up with neither. Turning the clock back, if it is possible at all, is going to be very difficult. Basedf on the results of the last election, i'm not sure we've got it in us.

    David Martin

  2. I have to agree with Mr. Martin here.

    One HUGE point that almost every conservative out there seems to miss is that SOCIAL conservativism is dead.

    Now, does that mean that all of us social conservatives (you know, we don't suck dick, think sucking dick is not a great way to start the day, believe in God, believe in chivalry, believe in the code of masculinity) have to stop being conservative? No.

    It DOES mean that we are now a minority. I firmly believe that we will not see another social conservative elected. And lets face it... Romney was not a social conservative. He talked the talk but he had not walked the walk in his actions. I didn't even fucking vote in the last election because both were equally worthless to me.

    The 'country' of the 'united [at gun point, 1865]' states is no longer free. How many liberal bloggers have said that they want churches taxed and public displays of religion banned? Sure, the muslims like the burka. Whatever. Don't care about them. What i do care about though is not being able to wear maybe a cross or a brown scapular without getting arrested.

    Americans THINK our government is above such atrocities. Yea, they thought the same fucking thing about torture too.

    This country DESERVES to fail.

    Bring back state supremacy over the federal government, not federal government supremacy over the states.

    Deo Vindice

    --Alexander W. Smith


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