Friday, March 01, 2013

March 1st - National Pig Day

Okay I don't go much for "National Day" but today is one that's near and dear to all of our hearts - that's right, it's National Pig Day!!!
Don't believe me? Check out the page that Woody sent me HERE

Warning: If you do go to the link, do not I repeat DO NOT watch the video listed at the end. Although I haven't watched it myself I can imagine that it's disturbing and downright vile. It's titled 'A Day No Pigs Would Die'. Motherfucker that made that oughta be shot for his cruelty - think about how painful it would be to the pig if you were to just go out and lop off a slab of bacon while it's still alive. I'm surprised PETA ain't all over his ass for that.

Anyways, give extra thanks as you're digging into your dinner of pork roast, chops and bacon tonight. You're eating that fine fare because of a pig.


  1. MMMMbacon n babes.
    I have to admit somthing tho, and i hope it doesnt get me kicked
    out of the club....
    I like coffee better than bacon.
    dont get me wrong, a BLT wil make me drool all over myself.
    but a nice cup of coffee (that ive roasted and ground myself)
    will cause me to break out in an uncontrollable snoopy dance.
    sorry guys...but thats just how i feel.
    Does peta really care if i spank my monkey and fuck bobo

  2. Bonus points that this year it falls on Friday, for the muslim sabbath.


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