Sunday, March 10, 2013

Need some help here - Can you identify this?

Bob's father was a WWII veteran and in an email tonight he mentioned a double barrel pistol that his father brought back from Germany and is curious as to what kind it is. I told him I'd post it to see if any of you would be kind enough to identify it for him. Here's part of the email and a photo:


One thing I inherited from him is a pistol that I have yet to identify.  There is no indication at all of who made it, what country, no serial number, nothing on this double barrel pistol to identify it. I took the wooden handles off and nothing underneath either.  The only stamping is a "32C" on top of the barrels.  We also have a letter from the Dept. of the Army stating that it was brought back from Germany.  Some friends from Germany told us that couldn't be as caliber begins in "k" in German.
If you two have any ideas what on earth it is, and more importantly, if its worth a million, please let me know... :)


WiscoDave said...

Looks like a "Howdah" pistol to me.

Anonymous said...

This one looks similar... maybe the same manufacturer:


Anonymous said...

Well, them fuckin' Germams would steal just like any one else so's iffn it came from there there aint no guarantee it's being a German made gun. Ifs its a 32 caliber, alongst with using a K, theys also used a metrical designation fors the kaliber sos it would likely be a 7 sixty two or closed to that. Ifs it is a Yurapeen made gun it shuld haves a proof mark on it, maybe hid under the barrels or on the water table. Thats the top of the receiver where the barrels rest when shes all locked closed. Now the first thing I googeled was a "double barrel cartridge pistol and got a picture close to it froma auction site but there wasn't anymore info for me to have.
Good luck findin out about it.

PioneerPreppy said...

Prolly Belgian or French Made. There is a very similar looking one for auction

GreyNWise said...

You have what appears to be a Rossi Garrucha (or a good knockoff) - an Argentinian derringer - and a very old one at that.

Anonymous said...

My first thought was Howdah also but I think most of them were .58 or so. I wouldn't trust a .32 to kill a tiger climbing up the side of an elephant to eat me. When hunting worked both ways, like tracers.

WiscoDave said...

Yeah at first I didn't equate the 32 as a caliber.