Sunday, March 31, 2013

Oh by the way, Honey...... we moved today.


Brigid said...

One guy spoke of going out to look at what was left of his back yard, having his batteries die in his flashlight and when he came back with fresh batteries a couple of minutes later, where he had stood was gone.

Even scarier, apparently geologically this is part of a MILE AND A HALF long landslide area that's about 11,000 years old. All of that area is going to come down, when is anyone's guess.

Honey, time for a "yard sale".

wirecutter said...

The dangers of riverfront property, huh Brigid?
Reminds me of all the coastal idiots here in California that build homes on cliffs overlooking the ocean. How do they think those cliffs got there?

hiswiserangel said...

But... they're rich and famous! Surely the laws of nature don't apply to them!

bubba said...

They're not so rich, most of the residents have lived there forty of fifty years. People uphill from them have been logging the hillside, tree roots hold back the ground water and we've also had quite a bit of rain for the last five months. The house featured is a deceased friends house, his kid is living there now and he was the one who almost bought it. There's no insurance coverage for this type of occurance and the county can condemn your property if is can't be made safe.

drjim said...

San Pedro has a large area called "The Sunken City" where a large section just slide down to the sea.

And Palos Verdes has Portuguese Bend area where all the utility pipes are on the surface, with flexible couplings.