Saturday, March 16, 2013

Skidmark's making WAY too much sense here

[quote]"If you are confronted with an aggressor, he's coming into your room, you may have to take action," he told the group.
"Study your surroundings for a possible weapon."[/quote]
In a school?!?
I thought you got expelled, or at least suspended, for having a weapon.  You know, like a Pop Tart, or green plastic soldiers on top of cupcakes, or (heaven forbid!) a Hello Kitty! bubble gun.
And fighting in a school?  That will certainly get expelled.  Break out windows to escape the building?  You will be lucky if you are merely suspended and not charged with either vandalism or terroristic behavior.  And made to pay for replacing the window - which you won't be able to do because you lost your job when you didn't show up because you are serving your sentence in jail or in prison. 
Oh, and check the picture at the topic of the article.  See that guy wearing a gun in the school?  Know why he is wearing it?  Because he's a police officer, and he knows that because the school is in a Gun Free Zone it is a dangerous place to be.  So, if a cop knows school GFZs are dangerous places and he carries a gun there, how come we can't?  (Don't answer that - it's a rhetorical question designed just get you thinking.)
Seriously, tax dollars are being spent to encourage people to do these things?  Someone has some 'splaining to do, as Ricky Ricardo used to say.
stay safe.
If Pro-Gunners were as violent as Anti-Gunners say they are, logic would dictate that there would be no Anti-Gunners left.


Ken said...

Push Pacifism for several decades and wonder why they cant react to aggression when their lives depend on it. DUH! Should have taught self defence since and evasive action years ago.

Illuminos said...

Barrios, Sousa, Allegrezza?

Montezuma's Revenge... All the way to Massachusetts!!!