Monday, March 11, 2013

"Well, I ain't doing THAT again"

Want to see Mooch get punked out hard?

Michelle Obama announced via her Twitter feed that she’d be taking questions this morning at 11:05 a.m. EST on her always-absurd “Let’s move” campaign.

Ask, and ye shall receive. Since they are givers, happy warriors got the questions rolling early. Let’s move? Let’s move toward truth and accountability.
And so it began, kicking off with questions about Benghazi. Yes, once again Twitter users are doing the job that most in the media won’t do.

Go HERE to read it for yourself. I tried to copy-n-paste some of the better ones but it wouldn't let me. But hey, that's cool because once you saw some of them here you were going to go there anyways. It's fucking hilarious - these folks have no mercy whatsoever.

And then there's this comment below the story:
If your rumored run in 2016 was successful, how long would you blame the previous administration for the sorry state of the union?


angrymike said...

Hilarious, posted.........;)

Craig M. said...

I don't see her doing this again.