Saturday, April 06, 2013

Army Strong

Mom emailed me these pictures today. These bricks are laid around the flagpole at the VA clinic in Modesto. Pops, me, and my two brothers.


Steve said...

Marine here, but it's alli the same.

WiscoDave said...

God Bless your Patriot family.

The Chief said...

Nice, thanks.

Navy Memorial:


My Dad:

Anonymous said...

A salute to my four "brothers".
RVN 1969-1970

Anonymous said...

Just askin'
first tour at 7, second at 14?

jr in Kona

wirecutter said...

Jr - He was a warrior from Day One.
No actually, those were the years that he served. Born in 1940, went in at 17 in 1957 and retired in 1977. Passed away last August at 72. said...