Saturday, April 27, 2013

CharlieGodammit The Egg Sucking Dog

If we give CharlieGodammit a hard boiled egg, he'll take that sonofabitch and gently carry it into the living room, lay it down on the carpet then lick the white apart and expose the yolk, eat the yolk, and then finish eating the white. Until I try to film him doing it, that is.
Here he does a half ass job - but watch how gently he takes that egg. He won't take food out of my hand until I tell him 'Okay'.


  1. Goddamn he's a good lookin' partner.
    Good onya 'Cutter.

  2. Good looking dog even if he doesn't follow the script.

  3. He was looking for take 2, and take 3, and take 4...


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