Sunday, April 21, 2013

For once I agree with the cocksucker

- John


  1. And we are seeing much too much of it lately...

  2. You know, I don't always agree with you or your buddies. And this picture does make one think.

    1. I want all LEO's to have the best gear possible when they have to take down the bad guy. They should have whatever they need to keep them safe. Like it or not them guys have a fucked up job, they have families/kids and they are the guys tasked with finding the bad guys after the fact.

    2. MY PROBLEM with it is, I CAN'T be as well armed as them. This is anti-2nd amendment. The military can't operate on our soil, but making the CITIZEN COPS as well armed as the military means the CITIZENS SHOULD BE ABLE TO POSSESS SUCH ARMS AS WELL. That was the intent of 2A.

    I won't be pissed because the LEO's have such gear. I'm pissed because I CAN'T have the same gear. That's the fight we need to fight.


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