Monday, April 15, 2013

Fuck the feds

Yeah man, I'm checking out my stats and what do I see? Two hits from the Treasury Department, better known as the SS. Here's one:

Now I can understand him going to THAT PARTICULAR PAGE seeing as there's all kinds of anti-Obama shit as well as a fine assortment of titties and a camel toe or two, but seeing as there was a bombing in Boston a while ago, I think they could be doing other things besides keeping an eye on me.
Besides, look at the google search words he was using on this hit:

Goddamn, I'm glad I paid my taxes so that this stupid motherfucker can check out 'swollen woman tight' while he's at work - you know, at the job that YOU AND I pay him to do?


crankyjohn said...

They are on to us, we better switch from encoded camel toe pics, to its friday niggas.

crankyjohn said...

Jack Lew needs his cameltoe fix too.

crankyjohn said...

Meanwhile at the airport. The TSA is molesting grandma and her walker. All the while waving goatfuckers through 12 at a time.

crankyjohn said...

Alright Ken, you got me, my real name is Jack Lew, don't worry, we aren't spying on you, Bubba Clinton just turned me on to this site to find nice crack shots. You think HIS wife is fugly, boy I tell you. KnowwhatImean Jack?

Anonymous said...

Input the coordinates (LAT and LONG) into Google maps.

Then Google the address, you will then find the owner of the house.

Must be accessing the .GOV network from home.

From my search, this person's Facebook page shows that he/she is a constitutionalist.

You have a lot of friends in .GOV and .MIL. Not all of them are spying on you.

Funny thing is that your site is blocked on my .MIL network.

wirecutter said...

Sorry, if they're a Constitutionalist then why are they working for the Treasury Department?
You can't serve two masters.

wirecutter said...

I get hits all the time from .mil sites.
Some of the .gov hits I know are from friends (Veterans Admin and such) but Treasury Department? Uh-uh. I put them in the same class as BATF, FBI and other assorted alphabet agencies.

Cheesy said...

Kenny, let's hope we have friends on the inside.

Stretch said...

Residential area in McLean. My guess: guy using his work laptop to check out MILF Monday so his wife won't see search on home computer.

The Dude said...

Fuck Em!!!
MFers are Nervous, I LOVE it!!