Friday, April 26, 2013

Good morning

Okay y'all, this is moving week - most of the shit has been packed but there's tons of little things to be done so posting will be sporadic during the day for the next week - 10 days. I took the day off today to get started. Please be patient.
Staying here in the valley but due to people like Mark Firestone, the county and town won't be made public anymore.
This has been in the works for a year or two now and it's finally coming together. Although the area is much nicer, the commute back and forth will be longer but I'm looking forward to a change of scenery and no pedro music.
Here's something to get you through the morning:


angrymike said...

Good luck Ken, I had to move my ex 5 times in 4 years, god I hate moving, good luck buddy........

Corey said...

The best part of moving is the look on the new neighbors faces when you start unloading gun cases. And then it takes you three trips to get them all. My new neighbors still stare at me

drjim said...

Hang in there, buddy.

You and Miss Lisa will be all settled in before you know it.

I'd lend a hand, but the commute is a pain!

Phil said...

Good luck with that shit, I hate moving, having done it over forty times.
The wife says we have another one in our future.

Yer best bet is to get a big truck with a lift gate and get as much shit shoved in it as possible.

I know exactly what ya mean about the Pedro music too, I lived in San Jose for a few years, right in the middle of Little Mexico.
It sounds like a fucking carnival all the time.
I don't miss that shit but I haven't had a decent Chili Verde Burrito since and that sucks.
(LOL! confirmation word is baptised!)

hiswiserangel said...

The next time I have to move, I'm burning the motherfucker to the ground and starting over.

Good luck, have fun, enjoy all the little absurdities that will crop up during the process, keep your sense of humor, and make sure your Xanax is close by.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to ya on this one. Like everyone else, I fuckin hate moving, been in this place over a year and hate it, but I hate moving more so I deal with it. It is in the country so at least I ain't got to deal with no bean eating carnival music, thank God.

Sara said...

Moving sucks, but it's a good way to find out what you really need and really don't like. I got rid of a lot of cluttery shit when I moved, if I was tired and didn't want to move it because it really didn't matter, it stayed in big boxes labeled FREE on the street.

wirecutter said...

Yeah Sara, I'm paring down a lot of stuff. I can pretty much carry everything I own in 2 pick-up loads stacked to the top of the bed and CharlieGodammit riding on top. Miss Lisa on the other hand..... Well, you know how womenfolk are being one yourself, gotta have furniture and dishes and shit.

daniel_day said...

Good luck with the move and your new neighbors.