Sunday, April 14, 2013

I'll be damned if I ever buy another Remington product

Remington Arms, a gun manufacturing company, will remain in New York after landing a hefty contract with the US government.

There have been waves in the world of gun industry recently as politicians pass stricter gun control laws. Just recently, Beretta announced that they would move out of Maryland following new gun control legislation. Similarly, rumors abound that HiViz and Magpul will leave Colorado in favor of more gun friendly states.
New York certainly doesn’t top the list for pro-gun states, so there was uncertainty surrounding the fate of Remington Arms. Based in Herkimer County, Remington potentially faced legal complications after Legislature passed a law banning the sale of military-style rifles.
Remington CEOs have decided to stay in New York, however, following a meeting with Sens. James Seward, Hugh Farley and Joseph Griffo, as well as Assemblymen Marc Butler, Claudia Tenney, and Anthony Brindisi. Shortly after the meeting, Congressman Richard Hanna announced that the Pentagon would award Remington an $80 million contract to make 5,000 sniper rifles over the next decade for the US Special Operations Command.
According to reports, Remington announced plans to invest $20 million into their plant, which currently employs 1,200 people.



  1. Remember that Remington is owned by Freedom Group, which owns:

    Advanced Armament Corporation
    Barnes Bullets
    Bushmaster Firearms International
    Dakota Arms
    DPMS Panther Arms
    H & R Firearms
    Mountain Khakis
    Para USA[5]
    Parker Gunmakers
    Remington Arms
    Remington Military
    Remington LE
    Remington PMPD


  2. Thanks, Sam. I also don't shop any of those products anyways.
    I'm pretty much a Ruger man when it comes to firearms, and I'm damned glad to see that they aren't on that list. Yet.

  3. Another reason not to buy Tapco products.

  4. But I'm keeping my 870 even if they are chickenshit.

  5. Money. That's what it's all about. When's the last time you saw a hearse with a U-Haul trailer behind it?

  6. Never been a big fan of Remington...didn't know they owned Tapco. Yup, won't be buyin any of their shit no more. Matter of fact, I'll change out my Trigger on my AK!

    Fuck you Remington, and FUCK Obama, the Marxist Mother Fucker!!

  7. Traitors always sell out rather than standing by the principles that allowed them the freedom to exist.

    I won't be buying anything from Remington in the future...

  8. I said it a couple weeks back: It's nice that there are companies looking to leave the Peoples Republics, but until the big names actually pick up and leave, it's all talk.
    Colt's specialty division is moving. Great, what about Colt itself? PTR is leaving Connecticut. Excellent; I love my PTR, but when is Mossberg?

    The majority of these big names have huge .GOV contracts. It's nice for them to sell to us, but if citizen sales drop off, eh... they don't care. they still get our money filtered through the .GOV sieve.

    Buy from smaller companies who give a shit.

  9. Well, there goes my plans for a Remington 1911. Damn. I guess I will have to get the Rock Island one.


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