Thursday, April 18, 2013

Now even more affordable

I got a great email from Joe over at Advanced Rifles today - Prices have been dropped considerably due to great sales! Check it out yourself in the screen shot below.
Thank you one and all for making this happen. During a period of recession/depression, the industries that have really persevered is anything to do with firearms. It shows our Patriotism by showing Big Sis that we're not giving up without a fight.
And now a word from our sponsor......

Why did we change prices? Well, we had such strong demand for the products that we were able to bring in more staff, acquire larger/faster equipment and do larger bulk purchases. The boost will dramatically lower costs over a longer period of time. Which we are passing all that savings back to the community making it more affordable to build your rifle. Part of our commitment to growing this community.

As for ETA on your delivery, we are running extra shifts now and it looks like we are still 4 weeks out based on current backlog we are chewing through. We will give you updates as we get closer to delivery.

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rpm2day said...

Ordered an X today!