Tuesday, April 02, 2013

One down, 49 to go

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) - With an announcement of sweeping proposals to curb gun violence, Connecticut lawmakers said they are hoping to send a message to Congress and other state legislators across the country: A bipartisan agreement on gun control is possible.
Legislative leaders on Monday revealed proposals spurred by the Dec. 14 Newtown school shooting following weeks of bipartisan, closed-door negotiations. A vote is expected Wednesday in the General Assembly, where Democrats control both chambers, making passage all but assured.

The Connecticut deal includes a ban on new high-capacity ammunition magazines like the ones used in the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School that left 20 children and six educators dead. There are also newregistration requirements for existing magazines that carry 10 or more bullets, something of a disappointment for some family members of Newtown victims who wanted an outright ban on the possession of all high-capacity magazines and traveled to the state Capitol on Monday to ask lawmakers for it.
The package also creates what lawmakers said is the nation's first statewide dangerous weapon offender registry, creates a new "ammunition eligibility certificate," imposes immediate universal background checks for all firearms sales, and extends the state's assault weapons ban to 100 new types of firearms and requires that a weapon have only one of several features in order to be banned.
The newly banned weapons could no longer be bought or sold in Connecticut, and those legally owned already would have to be registered with the state, just like the high-capacity magazines.


Jerome East said...

And as usual, all this does is punish law abiding gun owners while doing nothing to stop criminals

Anonymous said...

Actually, that's 3 down including my once proud state of CO.

I've pretty much had it-I've fought these bastards for years and am sick to death about what's happened here-I'm just too fucking old now and want to use the little time I have left to enjoy without being surrounded by rat bastard REgressives.

CharlieDelta said...

These fuckin' parents need to go away. Go away and heal from your loss. Then stay away.

Yeah I'm sorry that they've been through what they have, but I am getting sick and tired of seeing and hearing about these fuckin' parents who protest on the graves of their children while putting their fuckin' faces in front of any camera willing to take their picture. Exploiting the murders of those children for a political agenda ain't gonna bring them back.

I no longer feel sorry for these fuckin' people, I fucking despise them for acting like their loss of a child somehow trumps MY RIGHTS and the RIGHTS of millions of Americans.

Wrench said...

I honestly can empathise with the parents who lost their kids, however, they have been wildly influenced by a media and political agenda during their stage of grief. It will be interesting to see all of the do-gooders bury their heads in the sand when the next murder by a criminal with a firearm happens in Connecticut.The utopia where everyone gets along and everything is perfect world without guns is a myth born of the lies being perpetuated by a very small elitist faction in the world and a scum bag media. In IMHO...

Anonymous said...

This shit is going to happen if we allow it. If no one stands then we are fucked for certain. All I know is I won't be the one lone fool standing there on my own.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it any better Charlie. Yes they need to go away.


M.Smith said...

At this point I'm starting to think there needs to be serious discussion, at a national level, about dividing this country up and peacefully going our ways. It is pretty apparent that the majority of the New England/Mid-Atlantic states WANT a Euro-Lite America. I say let them have it.