Monday, April 29, 2013

Philly residents told how to 'shelter in place' by the City

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – During last week’s events in Boston, residents were told to “shelter in place,” which raises the question, would you know what to do if a similar order was issued in Philadelphia?
In the Emergency Management section of the City of Philadelphia’s website, there are now some guidelines for residents to follow.
First and foremost, the city says residents should be prepared to shelter in place for at least three days, which means stocking supplies like medications, food, batteries, drinking water, flashlights and more inside of an emergency kit.
And if a shelter in place order is issued, you and your family should go indoors immediately with all doors and windows locked and your fireplace damper closed.


Okay, if you have to have the City, State or federal government tell you how to shelter in place and what you need to keep on hand for such an event, you're fucked right out the gate.
You need to have all that shit on hand already. Lots and lots of it. And let's not forget ammo. Again, lots and lots of it. If you're thinking maybe one or two days before Uncle Sammy and Big Sis comes to rescue your worthless ass, you need to think about Katrina or Sandy. It maybe weeks or even months.
The last paragraph is what I thought was funny - Lock all your doors and windows. I mean, I agree wholeheartedly with it but for different reasons. But why is the City recommending it? For protection against looters or the cops and National Guard when they come to kick in your doors searching for suspects or weapons that you may have on hand to protect yourself?

Thanks to WiscoDave once again for the link.


angrymike said...

For most of the ppl in philly, maybe they should tell them how to load their pistols aim it at their forehead and pull............

Ogrrre said...

Just in case the shit really does hit the fan, and the sooper tuff mall ninjas decide to kick in a certain door without a warrant, will a 5.56 NATO penetrator round go through their body armor, or should I just let them have a round of 12 ga. 00 buck shot in the groin, going for the femoral artery?